Required Activities

Special Activities
Communication and Scientific Avaliation
Master’s Thesis
Master’s Thesis Elaboration
Qualification Exam
Research Methodology in Natural Resources

Optional Activities

Geoenvironmental Analysis applied to Hydrographic Basins
Biotic Aspects of Brazilian Midwest Biomes
Biodiversity and Environmental Services
Conservation Biogeography
Biogeochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems and Wetlands
Vegetable Biochemistry
Geoenvironmental Cartography
Environmental Conservation Using Geotechnologies
Culture and Landscape Aesthetics
Teachin Internship
Directed Study
Photogrametry and  Photointerpretation Applied to Natural Resources Study
Geotechnologies Elements Applied to Natural Resources
Fundamentals in Applied Ecology
Geodesy Applied to Natural Resources Study
Geostatistics Applied to Natural Resources
Pantanal’s Basin Geography and Geology
Geography and Environment: Walter-Soil Interaction
Fluvial Geomorphology Applied to Natural Resources Study
Environmental Management in Productive Environments
Environmental Impacts at Fluvial Systems
Environmental Risk Mapping
Soil’s Organic Matter
Urban Afforestation Planning and Project
Remote Sensing Applied to Natural Resources Study
Agrosystems Sustainability
Work, Education and Human Emancipation